Let's face it, most people hear the term 'workout' and imagine sweat, exhaustion, pain, soreness, and monotony...and for good reason. It seems we are constantly being shouted at about which workout program produces 'six-pack' abs, or which diet plan results in your 90-day bikini body.

At ThinkFit, we believe there is more to life than six-pack abs. Our philosophy is simple: people just want to feel great. Although everyone may define that differently, that's their goal.

It's this philosophy that resulted in SmartBells. After more than a decade of development and professional testing, SmartBells Standard was the first in a series of products launched for regular people just looking to feel great. We developed SmartBells knowing that we didn't want to design another traditional weight training system that isolated individual muscles with pushing and pulling movements that forced movement in straight lines. This has nothing to do with how we actually move our bodies in everyday life! We also wanted to design a system that was fun and would keep them engaged. SmartBells encourage users to move in flowing patterns that mimic the way they naturally move. The patented SmartBells system and movements present an entirely different approach to exercise; one that leaves you feeling energized and connected, not drained and exhausted.

What? The Navy Seals use these things?

While developing and testing SmartBells, we realized that while they were perfect for 'the rest of us' who just want to feel great, the core idea behind SmartBells movements also fit seamlessly into the training methodologies of professional and Olympic athletes, the military's special forces, mixed-martial arts fighters, and the like. For these elite athletes we developed the SmartBells Pro series because they could benefit from the natural rotational movements while being able to handle a heavier weight system.

But whether you are an elite athlete or just someone who wants to feel great, natural human movements are what your body was designed to do. 'Six-pack' abs or a 'bikini' body may sound great, but here at ThinkFit we are on a mission to build products that help you feel great.